GTK Company Ghana LTD, is one of the leading content marketing consultant, data analytics and general ICT solutions in Ghana. We have over the years successfully positioned ourselves as a market leader in sourcing traffic for our clients. The business ideal was conceived by young professionals made up of software engineers, business analysts and marketing expects.

We provide everything you need to grow your business, build awareness and reach your revenue goals. We have dedicated team of digital marketers and IT professionals who have built the expertise through knowledge and skills acquired from international institutions and firms. Our talented creative team is able to simplify all the data gathered from the research to create value for value for our customers.


Our Search Engine Optimization services is the best way to get visibility for your company online and get maximum people to know about your services based on keyword search.

Digital Consultancy

Our team helps businesses promote their business using online strategies including email marketing,social media marketing as well as digital marketing training

Website Design

We build and fix niche based websites to respond to sleekness and user-friendliness.All our website are carefully indexed for search engine visibility and targeted results.

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